More Than Photos - Crafting Content for Artists and Bands

I Filmed and Edited this Video for Courtney Barnett’s 2018 US Summer Tour. Producing a Video like this for an Artist is One of My Favorite Projects. This Content Really Helps Grow Interest in Your Show and Shows Fans What Your Live Experience is All About.

I've crafted Images and Videos for Many Types of Artists in and Out of Ohio. I've worked for hometown favorites like Doc Robinson, Dominique Larue and Zoo Trippin' to Big Names like Courtney Barnett and Børns. 

Doc Robinson - Musicol Studio Sessions - Made Specifically as an Instagram Promo for Their Latest EP Release. Made a One Minute Video for Each of the Tunes on the Record.

Crafting Images and Visuals for an Artist takes More than some Awkward Posing and Clicking a Button. Your Content can be Used for So Much More than Just Your Facebook Profile. As an Artist You're Selling Yourself as a Part of Your Music and You Need Your Current Fans and New Ones to Be Intrigued and Interested. 

I've Crafted 7 Album Covers, Two Vinyl Covers and Countless Promo Images and Videos for Bands Using Concept, Creativity, Multiple Lights, and More. Using Unique Visuals and a Bit of Wisdom on Content Marketing I can Help Bring Awareness to You, Your Brand and Your Music. Fill Out the Form to Get Started or Email Directly to    

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This is a Simple Shoot I did for Happy Tooth’s single “I’ve Been Meaning to Write”. Simple and Affordable but Currently has 25K views in a Few weeks and is still Growing Daily.

Full Length Documentary about Columbus, Ohio band Zoo Trippin' - The Making of their album 'Purple' and everything in between. Premiering Early 2019. Directed by TieraDPhoto. Produced by Rare Cinema.

Dominique Larue ISHBE Album Release Promo

This Music Video didn’t have a Super High Budget but We Developed an Interesting Concept. With Over 8K views on Youtube and another 11K on Facebook it Did its Job. Gaining the Band More Traction, and Fan Interaction.