Footage Directed & Edited by TieraDPhoto with all of my Custom Video LUTs Used for Color Grading. LUTs Available for Purchase and for Free Below.

LUTs are basically Presets for Video. You Can Download Them and Apply Them Right in FCPX, Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve.

Apply LUTs by Using a Program Like MLUTs, for Free - Link Here - Most LUT Packs are Sold for Well Over $80 dollars. My 'Impact' Video Preset Pack contains SEVEN LUTS for $30, My 'Film Look' is Available solo for $5, 'Vivid' is On Sale Solo for $3 (also from Impact) and I have a Free Download Available for 'Day Break' LUT Below, Enjoy! 

Impact LUT Pack

IMPACT - Contains Seven Premium LUTs for use with FCPX, Premiere Pro & Davinci Resolve. 

- Vivid    - 90s Feel     - Frigid Tone     - Indie Film

- Film Look   - Moody Vibes    - Rosè

LUTs are basically in simple terms, presets for video. Color grading can be very time consuming, using LUTs can aide you in editing and help you achieve final footage with a stylized, bold and unique look. LUTs work with a Free mLUT Loader or different LUT Plugin. Link at top of page.

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Curious about how to Use LUTs? Scroll to the Bottom for Tutorial !

Day Break LUT

Free 'Day Break' LUT - Add a warm, bright and contrasted tone to your video footage. 

Compatible with FCPX, Premiere Pro, & Davinci Resolve using Free mLUT Loader or different LUT Plugin. 


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Film Look Lut

Film Look LUT - Add a soft contrast and film tone to Your Video Footage with this custom film fade. This single LUT is from the 'IMPACT' LUT Pack. 

Leave the preset be or with some tweaking you can make it your own. Compatible with FCPX, Premiere Pro, & Davinci Resolve using Free mLUT Loader or different LUT Plugin.

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Vivid LUT - Add a Deep, Bold and Rich Look to Your Video Footage. Solo Video Preset from the 'IMPACT' LUT Pack.


Compatible with FCPX, Premiere Pro, & Davinci Resolve using Free mLUT Loader by MotionVFX or a different LUT Plugin.

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WTF is a LUT?! 

First Off, LUT stands for Look Up Table and it makes up the difference between a source and result. Like Telling Blue to be Green, Contrast Levels etc etc This Video from Ground Control Explains the Technicalities: 

Basically LUTs can be used as tweakable Video Presets. Not to replace Color Grading completely but to aide in Color Grading and achieving certain looks in your own video footage. Try some of my LUTs for Free above.

For Use with FCPX, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Reslove, Speedgrade & Photoshop.

How to Use LUTs

1st step:

Download MLUTs for free here

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.33.13 PM.png

Download One of my Free LUTs

You want to upload this and the MLUTs file to your computer while your editing software is closed.

After Uploading MLUTs:

This is a screenshot of FCPX with MLUTs applied as a effects filter, just like you would apply a mask or what have you. You want to click on "Load Custom LUT" from this point you will go on your computer wherever you saved the downloaded LUT file. I have a specific folder in my workflow to make it easier.