'Vice City' - LR Preset


'Vice City' - LR Preset


This Light Room Preset is reminiscent of GTA's Vice City. It gives a nice Miami Vice Vibe and adds a Bold Accent to Cityscapes and Images with Bold Colors.  

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Here are the installation instructions for installing presets into Lightroom.

  1. Please Download and unzip the presets file and open the resulting folder.

  2. In this folder you will find the presets, they are the files with the .lrtemplate extension.

  3. Open Lightroom

  4. In top menu bar choose Lightroom>Preferences.

  5. There will be a new window that appears. Select the Presets tab.

  6. Click on the button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder.”

  7. In this new Finder window open the ‘Lightroom’ folder, and then open the ‘Develop Presets’ folder. Copy and Paste the presets folder into this location.

  8. Restart Lightroom, the presets can be found in the Presets section on the left in the Develop module.