Video Pricing Guide

There are many types of Production for different types of Videos. Be it a Live Performance, Behind the Scenes of the Recording Process, Lyric Video, a Narrative Music Video and more. Each of these types of Video Production require a different approach, set of skills and gear needed to fully bring the concept to life.

Let’s Create Something Together We Both Can Be Proud of. My Video Guide is below, with some description to better aid you in what type of video is right for you. Please Contact Me for Any Questions and Booking Availability.

Live Promo Video - $350

  • Highlights of your set

  • Perfect for FB, Instagram and EPK Promotion

  • Edited and color graded

  • 30 Sec & 1 Min Video Delivered

    Feature all the best parts of your performance wrapped into a slickly edited promo video.

Live Performance Video - $600 +

  • Straightforward Live Performance

  • Great for EPK, FB, Artist Website and more

  • Includes 2 Songs/Videos

  • Edited and color graded

  • Sound Tech w/ mixing - Add on $350

Showcase your set as it truly is. Some Booking Agents require live footage examples to book at their venues. Festivals require seeing a live video in the application process.

Live Lounge Video - $700 +

  • Similar to Live Performance but in a Controlled Environment

  • We create the lighting and style

  • Can be in a studio or other intimate setting

  • Edited and color graded

  • Sound Tech w/ mixing - Add on $350

  • Includes 2 Songs/Videos

At times creating a live performance setting can be better than shooting a show you already have booked. Some venues don’t have the greatest lighting, sound or stage. A Live Lounge Video can solve these problems, giving you a great live video but with the full control of the final result.

Behind the Scenes - $400 +

  • Capture that coveted Behind the Scenes footage at a Recording Studio, Music Video Production, Practice Sessions and more

  • Share the moments of creation with your audience

  • Edited and color graded

  • Turn the experience into Episodes featuring one tune in each video. Add on of $150 for each song/video

People really love to be “let in” on the process behind the music. BTS videos have become a staple for artists to show HOW they create.


Lyric Video - $350 +

  • Animated backgrounds and Original High Quality Clips that match your aesthetic and style

  • Great for a new single

  • Want Specific Clips Filmed? Add on $200 and We will film original footage for your lyric video

Great visual presence for your band. Fans dig lyric videos as an alternative to just listening to your songs. Creates a more impactful video centered around the words.

Narrative Music Video - $1300 +

  • Conceptual and stylized

  • Tells a story

  • Creative lighting & camera techniques

  • 4K Available

Narrative music videos are perfect for songs that need the Cinematic treatment. Our prices are in a range here because it depends on the artist’s ultimate vision, locations needed, necessary crew, equipment and budget.

Need Creative Visuals? Drop a Line Below.

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