Crafting Content for Artists & Bands

I've Created Visuals for Many Different Types of Artists and Bands In and Out of Ohio. Most Recently Working with Doc Robinson, Dominique Larue, Effee, The Cordial Sins, Hebdo, Mister Moon, Bobaflex, CD102.5 and International Bands like Courtney Barnett.

Creating Visuals takes More than Some Awkward Posing and Clicking a Button. This Artist Specific Content is Used for So Much More than Just a Snapshot for Facebook or Instagram. Artists Need to Translate Themselves and Their Music Visually. Whether it’s Constructing a Set of Images to Keep and Post On a Schedule; or Crafting Concepts and Lighting Styles to aid in Making Album Covers, Single Art, Tour Visuals etc.

I've Crafted 7 Album Covers, Three Vinyl Covers, Countless Promo Images, Single Visuals for Instagram and Music Videos for Bands. Getting a Feel for What These Artists Individual Styles Are, What They Represent and Then Using My Concept, Creativity, Multiple Lighting Techniques, and More to Bring that to Life.

Doc Robinson’s Musicol Sessions EP

Doc Robinson’s Musicol Sessions EP

My Images on the Front + Back Cover

My Images on the Front + Back Cover

Created this Tour Promo for Courtney Barnett at their Sold Out Newport Show July 2018 with my second shooter Hunter Bock.

Filming the Courtney Barnett set was hectic to say the least. I hired a trusty second shooter cause The Newport is a whole lotta’ venue. I chose a few optimal vantage points for us both to hit, which definetely paid off in the end. Getting through, over and between a sold out crowd WITHOUT all access is just crazy. I find the challenge thrilling honestly. The sweat plus hustle we put in was well worth it once I stitched the footage together for the Tour Edit.

Doc Robinson - Shangri La

I made 5 videos for Each of Doc Robinson’s Side B Tunes on their Musical Sessions EP I mentioned earlier. Made with footage I captured from a few sessions spent at Musicol Recording Studios with them. It has been such an amazing experience working with them and seeing how their songs go from paper to sound. More importantly, documenting that creative process and sharing it.

Custom Single Visuals for Mister Moon’s New Release - The Next One.

Crafting custom single visuals has become a new favorite project of mine. The above and below visuals were made with very little guidance from the artists - I listened to the tunes for an extended period of time and let them manifest in my mind so to speak. There is always edits and tweaks per the artists request after I turn in a draft or two, but thats the fun part of collaborating.

Custom Single Visuals for Hebdo’s New Release - Verbal Pool Pass.


I’ve worked with The Cordial Sins a few different times since 2014. From studio video work, to live show photos and videos. Most recently I photographed a Portrait Promo Session with them before they left on tour. Using a combination of different studio set ups and lighting styles, I was able to deliver a variety of images for them in a reasonable shoot time of an hour and a half. Going from Studio to Outdoor captures.


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